Candle Care

Candle Care & Safety

Lets prolong life of your candle!

Burn your candle at least for 2+ hours on the first burn. 

For a proper burn, you must trim the wick before every burn and allow wax to fully melt to the edge of the tin, both on the first burn and consecutive ones! This helps maintain a clean and even burn, high throw of fragrance, reduces soot, and eliminates wick mushrooming.

For woodwicks, simply clean the TOP black bits burned top of the wick with tissue or nail clippers closely to wooden shorten the wick to be about 1/8″ – 3/16″. The shorter height allows the wax to capillary up the wick to feed the flame properly. 

For cotton wicks we recommend cutting the wick down to 1/4″ before lighting it.

Display away from direct sunlight. 

For storage, when not displayed, keep candles in a cool, dry and dark space in an upright position.

Do not move candle when its burning.