About Us

Hello! My name is Yulianna and I'm the creator behind all things West End Candle: from idea to design and the star of the show - the candle. That's right, with the background in UX/UI design I also have passion for fragrance and crafting. I've picked up a new hand-crafty task to master for fun with grain of professionalism: I was gifting the candles after all.

Since majority of my close family and some friends are back home in Europe, I was seeking ways to show my care and support long distance? Well, with 7000km apart it can be overwelming at times. However, maple syrup was a big hit with my mom, she said it reminded her of me every time she'd make her herbal tea or Sunday morning crepes (nalysnyky). 

Still, it's inevitable for connection and once closeness to fade overtime, no matter the effort. Sound familiar?

That gave me an Idea: I should be gifting long lasting and memory lightning things. That's when I though of  scented candles: scents that are already familiar, but can also tell a story of my surrounding, new environment. A new way to feel connected long distance.  But nothing on the market seemed to have checked all of my criteria: easy and light at transportation, cute looking and local. Short time after that, I got into candle making myself. 

After many brainstorming sessions, I got to testing and experimenting with the craft. I gathered feedback and patience (it requires a whole lot of it) from friends and neighbours along my journey. Finally, with enough confidence  and a fully designed and crafted to maximum safety & usability product, I am ready to be open to public. That's were West end candle comes in to play. With my favourite back home city Lviv in mind. Meaningfully creating one small batch of candles at a time. Finally a product I can proudly showcase my mama, and this time with  long lasting memories, the set will remind of me every time she lights it up. 

If you've made it this far, I'm sincerely grateful to have been able to share my story with you, needless to say, I'm overly excited and hope to see you in the future!